Infomed  provides a broad portfolio of essential renal and hospital products, including sterile IV solutions, infusion systems and devices, parenteral nutrition, anaesthetics, antibiotics.

Infomed has developed its product ranges using a variety of packaging which are adapted to user’s needs. Also in these fields, innovations aim to make healthcare professionals’ procedures easier and safer.

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Infomed offers :

    • Broad portfolio is available in flexible plastic  containers
    • PVC and non-PVC (DEHP free) alternatives
    • Extra medication port for additives
    • Latex free
    • Wide range of package sizes ( 50 ml up to 5 liters)
    • Easy-to-use drug delivery systems

Infomed injectable drugs and IV solutions include a unit-of-use bar code system that helps facilitate medication management and enhance patient safety.

  • IV Solution
  • Premixed drugs
  • Anesthesia products
  • Pain management
  • Parenteral Nutrition
  • Plasma expander
  • Renal
  • Rinsing Solution
  • Eye Health
  • Veterinary drugs


I.V. solutions are used for the regulation of blood pressure, hydration calories and electrolyte balance, wound cleaning, medication and nutrition delivery, flushing or clearing out I.V. lines and feeding tubes.

PREMIXED DRUGS (Ready – To – Use)

Premixed i.v. admixtures offer the advantages of preparation-time savings, assurance of properly reconstituted drugs, lengthy expiration dating, and appropriate labeling. Infomed offer a variety of pre-mixed drugs safety and convenience, along with the dosing confidence of barcoding and environmentally-friendly packaging.



Volume replacement solutions based on Dextrane and Hydroxyethyl starch (HES) are used to increase plasma volume.


Infomed fluids offers a range of a therapeutics solution for acute and chronic renal therapy.



Sterile solutions for irrigation and rinsing:
Irrigation solutions have a wide spectrum of uses in the hospital.
A basic distinction is made among the following applications which each
call for a different type of irrigation solution and solution container.